Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Cloudy Day in the City

I thought I had a haircut appointment today, but when I showed up at the salon the girl there told me it wasn't until tomorrow.
So--what to do?
Go out and take a few photos, I decided.  Even though the light wasn't great, it was still fun to scoot around and take some snaps of this and that.  So nice to be off work!

When my oldest son was a little boy, he went on a school trip to see this capital building.  At night he would lay awake trying to figure out a way he could get the gold off the dome! Even when it explained that it would practically be impossible, that it was really thin gold, that he would get caught, that it was illegal, and dangerous (!), and that all of these were reasons it was still there, he would puzzle it and puzzle it night after night trying to think of a way he could be the one who finally got some of that gold.

It's so funny to think of that now.

Thank goodness he did not turn out a criminal because he is very smart and very determined.

I hope you are all having a wonderful November!  I'm looking forward to putting up several more blog posts this week--quite unlike my usual.

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