Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pumpkin Trick--Or Treat

So--the night before Halloween we'd planned on a big pumpkin carving night.  Unfortunately, my injured foot hindered me from getting out to get another pumpkin or two, so I only had the one.  I told my son that he should bring his one along to carve.  When he showed up he said that the church on the corner was out of pumpkins and so were the grocery stores he and his friend had stopped at on the way over.   I know from experience that this has happened to me too.  Unbelievably, the supply of pumpkins dries up the night before or the night of Halloween.
However, he and his friend has a pumpkin in tow.
"So, where did you get that?" I asked, half knowing.  Then knowing, as I witnessed their furtive looks of chagrin.
They admitted to stealing it.  And they felt bad about it.  Well, sorta bad.
So then we hit upon a plan that we didn't consider half bad.  We'd carve it, and put it back.  A sort of Halloween trick.

It delighted us all.  My son wanted to make a panda face, which I think he did quite well.  It was a just-in-time carving too as the bottom was starting to rot out and some of the guts were already growing a foggy white mold (my end of the job of course was dealing with that--"It's just vegetable" I kept saying).
As for our surprise pumpkin, our friend had the idea from a show we love (Portlandia) to "Put a Bird on It!"

We lit them up with tea light candles that I've had a sack of for years (somewhere back there I bought the only available bag of candles--100 count) and took some pictures.  Then we drove over to the sight of the temporary theft (could it be we only borrowed it?) and reset the pumpkin in a more prominent position.
The two had obviously picked a pumpkin their pumpkin wisely.  It had been nestled back in a bush and probably wouldn't have been missed for days.  It did not look like a house with children in it.  So, when resetting it, we had to move it where it would be seen and puzzling to the owners.  Who had carved it and lit it?
We enjoyed this trick so much we thought that maybe next year we would do it again…

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  1. Awesome carving! Those bird legs and feet must have been a bit tricky.

    I wonder if the pumpkin owners were surprised?