Monday, December 8, 2014

Gray Days

Mostly it has been gray and wet.  The kind of weather that makes me want to stay in bed and listen to the rain, or read a book snuggled up in the covers.
I love gray weather, fog, and naked trees.

This is one of my favorite plants.  Anyone know what it is?

Here's someone with a sense of humor!

I remember I was so bad at Atari games.  My brother would entice me to play by letting me have the  first turn, but I was so terrible, I would get out right away.  Then his turn would come up and he was so good his turn went on and on.   I'd get bored and leave the room saying, "Call me when it's my turn."

By the time he called I would be involved in something else (probably reading a book), and I'd just yell back, "Nah--just take my turn."  

So he would end up playing alone. 

I just didn't have the interest or drive or whatever it is for video games.  I still don't.  I see people playing games on their phones now, and I just cannot do that.  Nope.   


  1. I love your first image - the tiny details are so beautiful

  2. That plant is cool, the one that you said is your favorite. I have never seen it before so it might not grow in northern climates.

    As for video games, I like some, but not all. I had a mild tetris addiction many years ago, but as I get older, I have less patience for spending time on that kind of thing. The one game I play on my phone every single day is 7 Little Words. You might actually like that one, since it's a word game.