Saturday, February 7, 2015

First Makes of the Year

Oh my!  I haven't been here in forever it seems.  January has been a time of reflection and readjustment.    Here is my first make of 2015!  Hooray!  A knitted hat!
Last year I set myself the task of learning to knit, and here I am at a hat--so exciting to follow a pattern and knit in the round.  The pattern is the free beginner one from tincanknits.

I have also started work on the mitts, which has been a fun challenge.  I wrestled with the double pointed needles, but found them too fiddley, so I'm now trying the magic ring which is going much better.

Plus, I ordered yarn--enough for a sweater!  I have never made a sweater before.  I figure if I crochet a sweater or two, work these short row, circle, and tube shapes in knitting, then I will be pretty good and can eventually knit a sweater.  I'll have to do a check back next year and see how it's going.

Meanwhile, it's warmed up here and I'm not sure we'll get any Snow Days.  I didn't hear if the groundhog saw his shadow or not.  I'm satisfied to move into spring, though I do love winter trees.

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  1. Beautiful hat! I struggle with dpns too - the ends are forever tangling with each other and with my working yarn. That mitt yarn is gorgeous.

    Everyone seems to be having an early spring. It's fun to see the leaves come out, but the bare winter branches are satisfying too.