Sunday, April 26, 2015

I Need Some Goats

Rain, rain, rain.
As a result everything is green and growing.  My backyard jungle is coming in full force.  So much bamboo.  Too much ivy.  Somewhere there is a service that brings goats to you.  The goats eat up the ivy.  I am going to look into this.  I wonder if they would eat the bamboo.  Honestly, I wouldn't mind.
Goats! Yes, I am definitely going to investigate.

I also wonder if anyone would be willing to come and dismantle this climbing structure and take it away.  I hate that bamboo grows up through it.  I try to destroy all new shoots I see at this time of year.

The beans and peas are growing, crowding each other, but there hasn't been time to thin them or plant anything else.

Unexpected flowers have appeared.

The days rush by.


  1. They do rush by. How can it be almost May already? What happened to March?

    That bamboo gives your yard a very jungle-like appearance. Too bad you can't harvest it and sell it, or make furniture from it. :)

  2. My next door neighbor's have bamboo and it seems like they are cutting it back every other weekend.
    Love your flowers.

  3. Goodness, your garden really does look a bit like a jungle! All that bamboo, so lush and green. Bamboo is popular here as a quick way to provide foliage screening for privacy in urban gardens but I've never seen it growing wild all over a garden - I'm not sure if it's warm enough. It's certainly wet enough! Enjoy the flowers. x