Monday, April 13, 2015

Small Domestic Pleasures

When I was in Savannah I got a few small souvenirs.  Two cheerful tea-towels and cute little enamel cup.  I wish I'd the cup when my boy was a baby!  I used to feed him from espresso cups and many of them ended up broken.  I don't exactly know what I will use this cup for, but it was cute and light and inexpensive and I'm sure I will think of something.

Thinking of my little finches in their precarious little nest on my porch (built in a spot where once I found the teeniest sleeping squirrel) reminded me of a little book called "Miss Suzy" which is about a happy little squirrel.

She gets chased out of her house by a band of mean squirrels (on a rainy night of course) and has to move into a dollhouse in someone's attic.  But in the end, all gets resolved and she gets back home, safe and sound.

Funny the appeal of these little domestic stories.  Like Beatrix Potter's "Two Bad Mice" another favorite of mine, or "Miss Tittlemouse."
My sweater is slowly, slowly growing.  My husband jokes that it will be done just in time for the hot summer months.  I'm afraid he is probably right.


  1. What lovely illustrations on the tea-towels and in the children's book.keep going with the will be glad of it when winter finally comes round. x

  2. The illustrations are so beautiful in that book and of course those terrific tea towels. Love your sweater, there is always a need for a sweater in the summer in the air conditioning.