Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Goats and More!

It was a full and lovely Mother's Day.  We started off eating Hungarian crepes cooked up on a portable stove by a sweet entrepreneurial lady who set up shop in what is sort of a closet or space adjoined to an old time gas station that has become some kind of never-open shop.  Then we headed out of town (sort of--it is so woodsy it feels out-of-town anyway) to a little miniature animal farm.

These are Nigerian goats!  Only after we left did my husband dare tell me they sell these little dears!  After enjoying many little cows, BABY PIGS!!!!, alpacas, teeny ponies, baby sheep, and combing grateful shedding ponies, we decided to wander along the river to look for--yes--snakes.

And what a find!  An eastern king snake.  We were just commenting how there was probably a snake right under our noses, but we could never seem to spot them like my son, when we turned away and Bam! My son pulled this guy out of the underbrush, just like that.


  1. Great shot of the king snake! And I love the expression on that goat's face in the first photo.
    (By the way, we rescued a King snake on one of our local trails here last November. You can read about it if you look back at my blog!)

  2. I needed your son when the black racer was in my house!!!! i swept him out but not before I squealed with fright!