Sunday, May 24, 2015


Last weekend we went to ride the ferris wheel.  The air at night is light and cool (for now) and it's nice to be out and about.

I love that now that school is out for holiday, I can resume my "real" life which includes going out after dark at night instead of starting my day with the moon!

Here is a picture from this afternoon as the grads waited for the ceremony to begin.  I particularly love this class (2015).

I had 45 of them in my last class of the day when they were 10th graders.  I had 39 of them in the class just before.  Never have I had such packed classes, and it was only possible because they were so good.    I am leaving this school for another one (after 10 years), and it was a great way close the experience, smiling with so many wonderful young people.

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  1. Awesome Ferris wheel photos!

    Good luck with your new school. I'm glad you had a positive exit from this one.

    P.S. Remember asking me about what red-twig dogwood looks like later in the year? I got some photos this weekend and will post them in my next cycling post (not today's post). I caught them just leafed out and blossoming, but still red. :)