Friday, June 5, 2015

Swan House

Last night we went to another art show--this one much more uptown than the last.  After perusing a lot of tasteful art objects well out of our price range, we decided to wander the adjoining grounds for a bit even though the gates were all closed.  We started off by following a deer--really an actual deer--into a little wooded area by the car park which somehow happily got us around the gate and onto the grounds of this estate (which is actually used as a historical museum).

We were the only two there, and I felt like I was in the book Atonement or some English murder mystery.  I was jokily looking for a body poking out from a hedge or something.

It's fun to imagine being a person living here or just going to a big party with people like Scott Fitzgerald, etc.

Actually, as it happens, I did go to a charily sponsored Easter-egg hunt here once.  Though, it wasn't really the same--no dancing or hedonistic carrying on--alas.

I have to say I preferred this swan and child statue MUCH more than the weird Leda and the Swan statue I saw in Florence recently.  That story and sculpture are just too weird and have ruined swans for me, I'm afraid.

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  1. What beautiful photos! I have never been to the Swan House but maybe I will get there one day.