Sunday, July 26, 2015

Celebrating Summer's Vegetables

Summer is on in its full and mighty heat.  The sky is often (to quote Tennessee Williams) 'like a big white sheet of paper.'  Cicada choruses buzz.  Ripping storms pelt the earth for awhile, then subside temporarily.  Hours of withering sun scorch between periods of incessant damp.

I find myself staying indoors behind bamboo shades.  But plants love this weather and thrive. We have been lucky to eat our own grown vegetables most days, supplementing it with some we buy from farmer's markets.  In the last few weeks, squirrels (I think) have stolen all of the tomatoes, and the peppers are not nearly as productive as last year.  But, I have not given up hope.

Too hot now for sugar snaps.

Happy Eggplant--My #1 Favorite!

Grown and gifted to me by a neighbor!!

Health-wise, I try to eat 2.5 cups of vegetables each day and 2 cups of fruit.  This is surprisingly hard for me.  When hungry, I tend to eat a piece of bread or crackers (or cookies, I admit).  I am trying to shift that.  It takes concentration!

Making Asian soup stock

Using veg NOT grown by me
In summer, everything tastes so good and fresh. My son pointed out that there is an emphasis on the word fresh in reference to food lately that he finds annoying.  He is right about the emphasis, though I don't think it is annoying at all.


  1. I find it easier to eat more fresh fruit and veg during the summer, especially when all the stone fruits and berries come into season. And your summers sound really, really hot - much warmer than anything we get here. x

  2. I find it so hard to eat that much in the fruit and veggie department, I try to snack on carrots and sugar snaps while driving to and from work, but at home I just want agave sweetened chocolate chip cookies.