Sunday, August 23, 2015

Folk Art and Friends

Earlier this summer, an artist friend of ours came to town because she had several pieces in local art exhibits.  My favorite pieces of hers were little boxes filled with seemingly incongruent objects that somehow pulled together to suggest a narrative (to me--always the story finder).  I loved this box with the crow best of all.  He didn't  sell at the exhibit (it was more of a "tasteful glazed bowl" type of exhibition really), and so just a week or so ago (time has really gotten away from me now that school is back in), our friend came back to town with him--the crow--and we were able to buy him.  I just love him!

I really have been so incredibly busy with school, and getting up and leaving the house before 6 a.m., that blogging has been sadly neglected along with many other little pleasures.  Honestly, I have knit a scarf that only has 16 or so more rows and each Friday I am sure that I will be done by the weekend, and yet it hasn't happened.
However, I did get the chance to go to the Folk Art Festival which I always enjoy.  It's fun to stroll by the booths and browse.
Not art really, but part of a bunch of "junk" in a side room!

I liked the ax.  It was about he irony of an ax handle being made of wood.

Today we went off to an old family friend's birthday celebration.

And here it is Sunday night again, and if I don't get to bed I'll be in trouble when that alarm goes off.
More soon!
Hope you are all enjoying these end-of-the-summer days.

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  1. I know how you feel....once you get back to school you are too exhausted to do anything by weekend then you have to cram everything in! My blogging is suffering at the moment. I love the crow, lucky you! Xxx