Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hodgepodge of Late August

It's been a busy time as I am still immersed in adjusting to the school routine--getting up with the moon and out onto a major highway by 6 a.m.!  This means, of course, that I have to get to bed earlier too, so all dinner and chores, etc. have to be done efficiently.  Blah!
I am looking forward to the upcoming long weekend.

In my running around, I saw this fun bicycle and just had to take a picture. It isn't my bike, though it looks like fun if you don't have any hills to climb.  I've been out on my bike a bit (after having it tuned up because my son's friend borrowed it and crashed three minutes after taking it out, destroying the handbrake and giving himself a bloody knee).

I also saw this moth one morning last week when I was out at the a.m. bus duty.  After the kids were safely off the bus and into the school, I dashed in to get my camera and was happy happy that when I came back out, the moth was still there clinging to the window ledge where the light shone on his enormous self.

My son's keep me smiling.
One by sending this funny picture from his new job which looks like an album cover.  (And I can't feel too sorry for myself getting up at the crack of dawn because as he is currently leaving one job and going to another, he's working both--getting in at 6 a.m. to the first job, and leaving the second, new, job at 8 p.m. !)

And the other son, by not recognizing this item which came in a bunch of records my husband ordered (45's from the early 1960s all in Korean or Hindi or Swedish--)
He had seen it as a design on a t-shirt but thought it was a logo or some kind. Haha!

Anyway, this has turned into quite a hodgepodge post, but oh well.  The weather is turning just a little bit cooler, especially at night, so the leaves on the dogwood have started--ever so slightly--to change.  It's a happy sign of September.

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