Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ideas for Knitting

Some time ago my husband bought me a book about knitting.  Unusual, I know.  He is the kind of man who often buys people little gifts when he sees something he thinks will appeal to them.  But, a book about knitting is kind of specialized, don't you think?
Well, I think you will agree that this knitting book (originally published in 1972) is quite out of the ordinary.

It contains all the usual yarn, needle, and basic "how to" information with diagrams.  But the best part are the projects!  No baby items here.  There is a dog bed however.

This book encourages a man to use tools he may be already more familiar with, but utilize them in a whole new way.  As in this circular knitting idea:

Or this way to make really big needles for creating a hammock:

Nutty, isn't it?  I wonder if any man--or woman--has actually tried these ideas?  It might make an interesting experiment.

Meanwhile, I am knitting dishcloths (pattern here).

 I started this one while college football was on in the next room, and now I can only think of it as team colors.  Not exactly what I planned.
Progress on this will be slow as I only have about one day a week to knit and then only a few stolen minutes.  But that's okay.  I deliberately chose a small project so that at least it will be complete before spring!!


  1. What a great present, that book is wonderful. A cowboy on a horse knitting is the best.

  2. What a great book.And a great present too. You would need strong fingers for some of that knitting,