Sunday, October 18, 2015

Easing in to Autumn

Autumn is Homecoming time, something I don't usually pay much attention to.  It means chaperoning a dance, wearing my semi-formal black dress and matching long coat--what I refer to as my 'Matrix Outfit'--which I wear for an hour or two each year.  I stand around in a gym or commons space watching giddy teens cycle the room, discard their preposterously high heeled shoes, and shriek in excitement as the DJ spins their favorite tunes.

My son's school has a traditional Homecoming parade through the town square.  All week the students meet at someone's house to build a class float for the Friday parade before the football game.  This is the first year my son participated, and the first time I've been to the parade since he was about five or six years old.

By all counts it was a fun parade, complete with waving queens, classic cars, marching band, and--of course--the floats.

I've been incredibly exhausted lately with the drive to and from my new school, and with the seemingly perpetual upheaval that goes into starting up a brand new school.  On the weekends I've found that I move very slowly and do no school work at all, which puts me behind in a way, but I need the time to recharge.
Last night I went out to see a band (Dave and  Phil Alvin) and wore my favorite cowboy shirt and boots with spurs.  (This is by no means country music--it's Americana, more rockabilly sort of--sped-up urban scrappy rock-n-roll.)  I am so glad I got out of the house.  I have a tendency to just want to stay in and knit or read--but the music was sublimely infectious.

Last week I planted flowers in long neglected planters and bought a pot of bright yellow chrysanthemums.  Each day when I came home this week they made me smile.
I also hung some orange Halloween lights across the porch and put our favorite pumpkin light in the window.


  1. IT sounds like a wonderful time.

  2. Great boots! They look perfect for doing the Texas two-step. :)

    Keep relaxing on the weekends - it's okay to recharge. So glad you have some flowers to make you smile.

    Our village used to have a Homecoming parade - now I think they just paint some of the shop windows with pictures and encouraging boastful comments about the home team (and humorously disparaging remarks about the opponents).

  3. It's interesting to read about your homecoming traditions. We don't have anything like that here, but I've heard about it in music, film and tv a lot. I like to read about how real people do these things. I hope you're settling in to your new job ok. Sometimes the newness of it all is just exhausting, and you just have to wait for that to pass.