Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Outdoors

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day.  We delayed our big family feast until today, so yesterday we went off to find a woodsy place to hike and picnic.  I loved the opportunity to use this new (to me) picnic basket!

I don't think anyone ever used it before actually.  When I went to pack it, I had to take out a little brochure about the artisan who made it by hand, etc.  I love to make up a simple fancy food picnic. You know, things like dates stuffed with parmesan cheese and roasted chicken and asparagus salad from an uptown deli.  And boy!  Were we ready to eat it by the time our hike was finished.

The hike was rolling hills and lots of trees and a little edge of lake. It never really felt that we were truly away from civilization.  I get that feeling a lot hiking in Georgia.  I know it is because I grew up out west where the vistas are immense.  Out there, the landscape swallows you.  Here, everything feels conquered.  Like where you are walking is just the left over scrap of something that hasn't been built on yet, like you can turn a corner and run into a road or someone's house or a shopping plaza.
Maybe this had something to do with why we walked farther than we planned and then had to walk so far back.  Maybe I was thinking that we weren't there yet--like we were going to get into the "real" wilderness soon if we just walked a little further.  What a strange illusion.

All in all, it was a lovely day and wonderful to walk and talk and breathe.


  1. I used to love hiking in Wisconsin when I lived there. Now in Florida I can't stand it. There is no where to go and you are just around the corner from civilization, even the beach isn't relaxing barbecue of all the buildings.
    Glad you had a nice time to get away.

  2. Well, you KNOW I love hiking in Georgia! Just wondering, where was this? It could be Stone Mountain, but I am not sure...maybe closer to Lake Lanier?
    Hey, it's not raining! Not YET, anyway! LOL

  3. What a lovely walk, I love the colours. xxx