Sunday, January 31, 2016

Rabbits and Knitting Zen

Unfortunately, I have been suffering from frozen shoulder.  This means a constant low to moderate pain  in my whole arm that hinders me all day every day, and occasional electric like zaps of debilitating pain.  So terrible.  Worse yet, I had this before in the opposite arm some years ago.  Some people never get this--and here I am with it twice!!  It is amazing all the little things we do every day that involve our shoulder muscles.--But enough on the complaints.

Today was warm, though mostly overcast, and I gave the rabbit hutch a nice clean-out. After skipping the chore last weekend because of snow and freezing temps (hard to believe now), it was ready.  Then I sat out and knitted while my little bunnies frolicked in the yard.  (I can't leave them out alone, even with a cover on the run.  The hawks here pay no mind to covers). I am working on a long plain-ish sweater jacket that is reminding me of a dog bed right now (!).  Funny how knitting is Zen like.  I was able to forget my pain for awhile and think straight and not worry.

I worry because I am going to have my arm manipulated and will miss school for a few days.  I worry about the procedure and what I will have to leave to occupy my wily students so they don't drive a sub out of his/her mind. Honestly, I don't know which of these worries me more!

It was good to be outdoors today, even though the yard is the usual winter mess.  No daffodils yet, and the camilla blossoms are all singed from blooming early and then freezing, but I'm okay with that.  Winter here is brief and I don't mind it.

A few weeks ago, I made a new pair of fingerless mitts.  I've decided I really like making mitts.  They are a little challenging and they finish up quickly.  These were made using self-striping yarn like these
on Ravelry.  I ran out of yarn right at the last picot hem and didn't have enough for the second the thumb (the purply-blue one).  I mean, honestly!  Luckily, I had something that matched enough to finish the task.  They don't look too bad.--And certainly are more fun to look at than my dog-bed sweater-jack! Hahah!


  1. Love your mitts, they are beautiful. Good luck with that shoulder. Hugs and quick healing thoughts are being sent your way.

  2. The mitts are great! I like the bunny collection too - and of course the real bunny is the best of the bunch.

    Hope that shoulder gets better as soon as possible. I had frozen shoulder years ago on one side (took a LONG time to heal because I re-injured it about halfway through the healing process), then last spring I messed up my other shoulder. It's much better now but I still don't have full range of motion (probably because I keep forgetting to stretch and do the exercises). As you say, amazing how much we use our shoulders. But knitting does indeed help! It's so soothing.

    Good luck with your procedure. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen together work really well for this kind of pain, by the way. :)

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