Saturday, February 6, 2016


Do you have a room like this in your house?  A room where you keep the vacuum cleaner and the ironing board and maybe a clothes hanger (I call mine a stendi panni because I got it in Italy and first used it there--one of those lands without tumble dryers)?  It's the place for muddy boots until there is time to clean them and other drippy stuff like a towel used to dry off the dog.

Some people have closets for this stuff.  But I live in a small, built during the war house, when the closets were narrow and few.

Once I lived in a quite luxurious apartment with three bathrooms.  One was right by the front door.  It became the catch-all room for the baby stroller, an emergency tool box, an electric fan, mop and pail, etc. That room.

Long ago my husband made paintings on a huge wooden pallets.  The paintings used to decorate a spacious home furnishing store, but the store closed and our home is way too small for this kind of heavy art work.  So, where to put them?

The dog has gotten weird lately and wants to hide in cramped places--closets, under the bed or desk, between a table and the wall.  So, we brought out her crate again and covered it so it has a cave sort of hide-y hole feel about it.  It works.  She loves it, but where to put it?

Then, there are the citrus trees my husband insists on raising.  The winter here is just a tad too cold for them really, so in the winter they have to be brought in. And, where to put them?

Once I had a exercise bike in here.  No room now!
The citrus trees are blooming.  The air in the house smells thickly sweet like candle or plastic some days.  Poor trees calling for bees. But I don't feel that bad.  No way am I going to start an indoor hive, haha!  Really, you have to draw the line somewhere.


  1. I don't have a room like this but I sure wish I did. It would be a perfect place to store things you use, but not very often.

  2. This is like our garage, we have to put the plants somewhere!

  3. Oh! that was a cool post.I like it.