Friday, February 12, 2016

Sweet and Sour

Look at those amazing donuts!  They come from a place called Sublime Donuts, and they are truly sublime.  The stars are filled with orange cream that has just enough tartness to make your mouth water right before you taste it.  The strawberry and cream hearts are full of fresh cut strawberries.  The chocolatey one here is actually my son's favorite--s'more.  That's a toasted marshmallow filling in the hole.

This was the happy beginning of the week--flowers and sweet treats! Then came the procedure to crack the scar tissue on my shoulder.  On Tuesday my arm was floppy like a cartoon of a boneless arm.  I've been on some pain killers and am working to stretch my arm so I can keep my newfound range of motion.  No knitting or crocheting.  In fact, typing this is beginning to hurt.
But I have high hopes that next week at this time I will be much better.

Here's a picture of our winter sky.  The light was pretty captivating and I ran outside to try to capture it, but was a little late so it isn't quite as dramatic as I witnessed.  Still, though.


  1. Bless your heart, sounds like you really needed those doughnuts. Hope you are feeling better very quickly.

  2. Greatful and nice blog, Thanks.