Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Rhythm

The rhythm of summer means . . .

. . . having time to learn new things, like knitting cables.  The cable business isn't hard, but this is only the second hat I've knit in the round and for some reason I've caught myself twice going around inside out which is mind bending--though I think I've got it solved now.  (The pattern here Northward from tincanknits free patterns.)

 . . . having time to read.  I haven't read a book by Louise Erdrich in years.  I'm loving this one! 

. . . having time to look after plants in a garden.  

There are eggplants already and flowers promising more. 

                           I love eggplant!!  I didn't even know what eggplants were when I was a kid, and I                                don't remember when I first tried one, but now it is at the top of my vegetable list.

                           We've had trouble with rats robbing our vegetables in the past (I know, rats ew! 
                           But this is an urban place after all), and I saw a few out the window one morning, 
                           so a friend left this cat thing over at our house about a year ago, and I'm trying it 
                           out as a decoy.  ?

                               Some of these petunia's survived the winter (the magenta ones I think).  

 . . . and having time to get started on some big clean up projects.  This one is an attack on the bamboo.  Right now it is a total disaster.  Chopped down bamboo is lying all over the place.  I need to get all the cut off pieces trimmed and stacked--like made into a lean-to or something rather than jumbled up looking like brush fire and home for rats!!

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  1. Good for you getting some time to rest up, knit and read. Enjoy your summer.