Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hiking in the Heat: DeSoto Falls

Well, we tried to find somewhere cool.  We headed to the hills, to leafy woods near water.  But it was hot anyway.  Too hot really to be thoroughly enjoyable. The air was thick with humidity, everything everywhere perpetually damp.  But it was a short hike with sweet details along the way.

Late rhododendron. Petals scattered across the trail as we walked.

Moss on more than just the North side.

The trail cut between two waterfalls and we hiked to both the upper and the lower fall.  The falls are not incredibly dynamic in the Colorado or Washington kind of way, but they are splendid nonetheless.

Upper falls--which may be only the middle falls--as we heard that the upper falls trail was blocked by fallen trees that were harder to remove than merely shutting the trail and relabeling the signage.

Lower falls

At the end of the hike, we found ourselves in one of those crazy Southern cooking places--a real House of Heads.  They stared out at us from every wall. Not sure I understand the psychology of this--why you want to admire the beauty of an animal you have killed, or are eating.

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  1. Haven't been to DeSoto in a while but I do love it there. And Mentone. I'm over on the Bankhead side of the state. :-)