Tuesday, August 30, 2016


And why have I been neglecting this blog?  Because I started school--which zaps up a lot of my time, and because I have been preparing for a long weekend in Chicago.

It isn't easy as a teacher, to take a few days away from the classroom.  But this was one of those essential trips.

Essential because I had to take my son off to school.  One of the things that made us laugh was the package of tissues in the parent orientation bag.  (I managed not to cry until I was on the plane home by myself.)  

Oh!  I will miss this boy.  But I am so proud of him and wouldn't hold him back for anything.

Chicago is a most excellent city--vibrant and moving and beautiful.  I had never been there before. Funny how I have been to cities all around the world, but never really visit US cities as a tourist. I usually go to wilderness places in the US. And I have missed out!  

I know it gets cold there in winter--all those revolving doors and ante-room entrances are not just for the fun of twirling around or shaking out your umbrella.  I think that idea of cold has put me off Chicago in the past--the idea of Chicago.  The "Windy City."  I don't like wind.  As a rule.  But, I fell in a sort of love with this place, even though my phone camera photos aren't so good here, and I can't wait to go back.

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  1. Such a beautiful place! Thanks for the photos ♥