Saturday, July 15, 2017

Island Ford Trail

Today we braved the heat and damp and went for a hike.  Island Ford Trail is a short, easy trail (3 miles) in an urban woodland that often runs parallel to the Chattahoochee River.  Today, being Saturday, groups of people were out with inflatable rafts heading into the water to relax to cool off.  I think you can even rent a canoe at the recreation office there. Even though the trail is shaded, the forest holds moisture and when the path veered away from the water, the humidity was particularly oppressive.

One of several granite alcoves along the way.

We were lucky to see deer several times along the route.

Gross slug in this picture was unintentional at the time!

It came pouring rain about half and hour after we left.
"And the rain it raineth every day," (from Twelfth Night) is definitely the motto of this summer.

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  1. Gorgeous moth and walk, it is horrible here, so humid. It is so hot our pool has turned green, no swimming for us till we get it organized. Have a great week.