Monday, July 10, 2017

Mid-summer Catch Up!

So, here we are in the smack middle of summer.  The heat is upon us.  Rain sweeps in almost daily and sweltering steam rises from the visibly from the asphalt, and tangibly from the grasses and plants. Magnolia leaves hold water like sorry inverted boats, homes for mosquito larvae.  Cicadas buzz.

The garden loves the rain, of course.  We had magnificent pea towers early on, but of course, they succumb to the heat, so we've replaced them with cowpeas. We've got loads of shishito peppers which when roasted and salted make a fantastic snack.  Our cucumbers are doing well too even though some are bulbous and yellow and we joke that they could be confused for limes.

A wild rabbit has been exploring our yard and eating the petunias and green bean leaves.  I put my rabbit playpen up around the garden and it seems to have stopped him.  That or he became someone's lunch.  Sad!!

One of my little old bunnies (9 years old) has a lump in her abdomen.  Her fur is a constant shabby mess.  I was embarrassed to take her to the vet.  She is old for a rabbit and happy enough so operating to remove the lump would be too much for her.  I thought about bringing her into the house and pampering her, but being inside freaks her out.  She'd rather be in the place she knows with her bunny friend.

These unstructured summer days are passing too quickly.  I wanted to read more, to knit more, to have time for more writing and some lesson planning.  In 3 weeks school starts up again, and I have at least 3 more books I want to read--at least!!  Here's what I've read so far, not including the audio books by Elena Ferrante.

And I would like to finish knitting a Nevis sweater I started.  But I doubt I'll get through all those rows with thread-like yarn before school starts, though I may get it done so I can wear it in August of September.  However, I did crochet this shrug which really turned out a little bit too big, though not terribly so. It was fun to make!

Well, that's enough for now.  I hope to write more soon.  Really.  I don't mean to neglect this blog. It's fun to put together.  I so enjoy reading and seeing other people's blogs that I like to join in.  Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. I think the shrug is perfect. You can't have it too tight! It is beautiful as is poor little bunny, 9 is amazing for a bunny.