Sunday, September 24, 2017

Out and Indoors

Outdoors: The seasons are shifting.  It's in the air, even though it was as hot as summer today.  While I do not miss the hurricane, I do miss the cool air it brought.  I took these pictures after the storm, when everything was wet and people were out walking around assessing the damage and just finally getting out of the house.

Outdoors: We spent time today gathering up more fallen limbs and sticks and stacking them up for the yard trash collection tomorrow.  I admit that I hauled out some much older logs that have been laying around, ones that fell sometime ago when there was no special yard trash collection to take them away.  I have a lot of trees--I lose count when I count--but more than 20.  This means a lot of falling branches, falling pine cones, falling leaves, and continuous maintenance.  But I love my trees.

Indoors: While I was home for the hurricane days, I did not grade any papers.  I brought them home, but they stayed in my bag.  I don't know what the problem was.  I just couldn't bring myself to look at them. So, last weekend I had to catch up.  Essays are such a mountain for me.  I love working on them when I am with the students, reading and helping them as they go, but when they all get stacked up in front of me--eh!  I'd rather not.

What I did do, was work on finishing up my sweater.  I had to do one sleeve over again because for some reason I thought I could do it while I watched TV.  Ha!  Of course, this thing isn't done yet and it is still all out of shape and wobbly.  But!  It is going to get done.  I can see that now.

Indoors: Today, I made Rosh Hashanah honey cake, even though we really don't celebrate Rosh Hashanah.  It made the house smell like cinnamon and honey and spice--so good! 

Also!  We scooted out to eat Korean food--one of my favorites, especially at this place that brings the hot coals to your table.  So fun and delicious!

We'll see what this next week brings.


  1. That honey cake looks delicious.
    The Korean food looks really good.
    Shame on you, now I am hungry!
    I love trees too, we have a lot of them in the Atlanta area, all the more reason we have to watch out when we have high winds.
    Take care.

  2. You are rich in trees! And essays. :)

    All that food looks wonderful, and that sweater is going to be lovely.

    I enjoyed all the pops of pink and red in this post. Hope things are clearing up for you now that the hurricanes are (fingers crossed) past.