Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tai Chi/Qigong and a Few Other Activities

I have been taking tai chi/qigong classes for a little over a year now.  I practice this for health and relaxation. The focus is on breath, balance, and alignment, both physically and metaphorically--or spiritually.  It has become popular these days to speak of "mindfulness"--and that's what this kind of tai chi is.

So this weekend I went to a workshop focused on meditation and sitting qigong.  A lot of it was way out there for me (observe the "microcosmic orbit"!), but it was interesting to think about and gave me a starting place for meditation.

I have found that I really like "moving meditation"--which can be done through tai chi.  It is a wonderful way to clear my head.  I don't know the whole 24 form yet, but that is not essential to being able to breathe and move and focus thought.  I know I sound like a wacky old lady new ager, but seriously, I have found this practice has been resoundingly beneficial to my physical and mental state.

Happily, I found a little time to knit this weekend.  I know this barely resembles a sweater, but I am plodding ever onward in faith that it will block out much better than the mess it looks now.  Some weeks pass and I don't even touch it, so my poor summer sweater will have to wait to be worn until next summer.  Grief!  I have no idea how I will ever get through the pick up and knit part with this lace weight yarn. Alas. One step at at time, right?

Today, before I went off to the workshop, and before we secured all the outdoor blow-away-ables in case of high winds, I made a tiramisu. It is so easy to make!
The lady fingers come in these huge packs and the tiramisu only takes 6 of them, so this is my second one and there could be two more in the near future.  Hopefully, I will get some help in eating it!

We're bracing for wind here and falling down trees.


  1. I hope the winds weren't too bad for you. It's been so hard to sit here safely in Wisconsin, watching and waiting and wondering how all my blog friends down South would fare. So far everyone seems to be okay, thank God.
    The tiramisu looks luscious! And I spy an Illy coffee tin on your counter. Mr. M really likes that brand (when he's not roasting his own). :)

  2. Re barn quilts - I don't know if they have any particular significance, or if they're just a way to beautify a barn. I have quite a little collection of photos of ones I've found in the last several cycling seasons. Most of them look like traditional quilt blocks, but every so often I see one that is pictorial or abstract. I like the quilt block ones best. Their simple graphics seem to suit the barns.