Sunday, October 29, 2017

Pumpkins and Scones

Once again, it has been a million years (or just about) since my last post. It's all pumpkins and Halloween around here now, chaperoning Homecoming, running a pumpkin fundraiser, eating pots of homemade soup, and watching as the weather ever so gradually turns.

A free pumpkin

It is blustery today, and gray.  It's nice to be indoors with a warm oven. I tried my hand at scones.  I think they came out a little small, but the candied orange bits were great!

I winterized the rabbit hutch--which isn't much, just fixing on the removable sides made of lightweight what? Some material that is little more than cardboard.  Just heavy enough to keep out the wind.  They have on their winter coats and as the temperature drops, I'll add more piles of hay.  I think they are way better off in our mild winters than in the insufferable summer heat.  They've spent their nine years outdoors, and when I was tried bringing their elderly selves in out of the heat, it just freaked them out.  So, out again they went.

The broccoli and brussel sprouts are growing along slowly, and the lemon tree is heavy with fruit. But it's the blood orange tree that's showing off, laden with oranges beginning to color.

And, at long last, I finished my Nevis cardigan.  I was worried it wouldn't turn out, but it did, really, and it something I will actually wear.  It's just going to be awhile before I knit something with lace weight yarn again.

Here it is all coldish and gray, but of course, this it isn't really fall.  Some of my azealias are refusing to think so anyway, deciding that this is a great time to blossom.  Maybe they are taking a cue from the nearby fall blooming camellias, not wanting to be outdone.


  1. I LOVE that cardigan, it is gorgeous, it looks really good on you!
    Now, are you telling me that you have grown lemons on your own tree? I adore lemons, I would be over the moon to grow them myself. I think the photo must be of your blood oranges, I would love to grow them too! Difficult? Easy? Do tell!

  2. I am loving your Nevis. I made one a while back and like yours so much more. Mine was sort of big, not my finest knit. Happy Fall.