Thursday, January 18, 2018

One More Hat and Snowy Days

Well, finally snow after days at a stretch of freezing temps.  I love winter!  Really, I am here in the south sort of by accident.  Not quite a fish out of my element, but almost.

We've been out of school for two days this week because of snow.  It is a strange January.  We were also out for MLK holiday and had a "snow" day last week as well.  Many kids are out with flu, and some came back late from winter break.  It feels like such a false start.  A slow start.  I don't mind.

I made another hat.  This one called Banff.  It came out a little small in the Adult S/M so I am going to make it again.  I really love this pattern!

When I ventured out today to take this picture I found many little paw prints in the snow.  These are clearly rabbit. 

I've seen him around some evenings.  Let's hope he doesn't get tangled up in the netting around my vegetables like poor little Peter Rabbit.  On the good side, when I saw him, he wasn't wearing a jacket with buttons, just his regular fur coat!

Sometimes I think he and his friends might be like the Real rabbits in the Velveteen Rabbit and they talk up to my domestic sweeties in their hutch and wonder why they never come out to play in the moonlight.

I have also wondered if I should leave the hutch open now that my old girls are in the house. There's still clean hay in there.  If I do leave it open, who might move in?  Squirrels took over the wren house, gnawing the opening wider.  Even a flying squirrel for awhile. I'd bet they'd come.  And once in a while a little mole turns up drowned in the dog water bowl--though that hasn't happened for a long time, really and I don't know that a mole climbs like that. Once a mouse was regularly visiting the hutch and I saw him and closed up his entrance with steel wool. And once a friend had a baby chipmunk sleeping in an old flower pot on his porch.
Barred owls call frequently around here, though I bet he'd not go into the hutch unless he was looking for food--but even then he might not--too cramped for his wings.
Maybe a possum, or a raccoon? 

Well, back to school tomorrow I'm sure.  And then the weekend again!  I'm still dreaming of which sweater to make--or maybe I'll just make some socks.  Just.  Haha! Like that will be so easy.

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