Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Winter Hat Craze

Finally a real winter snuck in around here.  Days on end when the temperature was below freezing!

We covered up the broccoli and brussel sprouts and brought in the fruit trees.  I brought my old lady rabbits indoors to stay.

And, of course, it was time for knitted and crocheted scarves and gloves and---HATS!

What in the world has been up with me and knitting hats?  Well, fair isle, I'd say.  I've found it quite addictive fun.  And the happy satisfaction of being able to start and finish a project in just a few days. That's a plus as well.

Not entirely happy with this first attempt.  Yarn tension was way too loose.  

These are patterns from TinCanKnits who had a fair isle KAL during November.  I didn't jump in and work a sweater--I just made these hats and am still dreaming of a sweater I might make.

A long time ago when I was about 19, a friend of mine went to live in Iceland for awhile.  He sent his mother back the most beautiful sweaters.  I remember her showing them off and saying how he had learned to knit.  Well, that was it for me! At that moment I knew I wanted to learn to knit a sweater like that.  And here I am--more than 30 years later and I'm just now getting close to really doing it at long last.

Meanwhile, I have yet another hat I'm working up while I dream.


  1. The hats are beautiful. I have never done Fair Isle, it looks so scary to me. Well done.

  2. The hats are all adorable! Such happy colors too. I like the paired decreases in the pink striped one.

    Have you heard about color dominance in stranded knitting? I learned about it a couple years back when designing a Nordic style sock for my niece-in-law. Can't remember where I saw it but if you Google it there should be plenty of info out there. It's a good thing to know about if you're going to do Fair Isle-type knitting.

    Days on end below freezing! I can't even imagine.... ;)