Sunday, April 1, 2018

Cemetery in Spring

Spring is here and bursting with flowers.  I don't suffer from allergies much, so this festival of blooms is a wonder for me.

All of these pictures are only phone pictures, but I thought I would post them anyway.  I didn't set out to take pictures, only to walk and do some outdoor tai chi, but the force of the flowers made me pause to snap a few photos.

I was over in the cemetery, a popular place for people to walk.  I guess that may sound weird, but it is peaceful and green.

It also has good hills for sliding down in winter if it snows.

The cemetery adjoins to a park and a large semi-managed green space.  I love to walk here.  I love that this is so near my house in the city.  Of course, there is often the wail of sirens around or the rhythmic beep of a backing up truck, but it's equally full of bird calls--the chirr of flickers and crazy impatient switch up calls from mockingbirds.  This morning I heard the barred owl as he went off to bed.

The dogwoods are blooming and the gentle sweet smell of wisteria floats on the wind.  I love wisteria.  It is nostalgic for me.  A big wisteria grew in the front of my childhood home. It would tangle against us as we went up onto the front porch, and several times we discovered a praying mantis on our heads or backs who'd hitched ride with us into the house.

Walking in the cemetery makes me think of the circle of life.  And today, I was glad to be here on the earth, breathing the fragrant flower scented air, feeling the sun as it pushed away the last little chill of winter.  Just being.


  1. What a beautiful post, I can almost smell the fragrance! Xx

  2. SUch a gorgeous place to visit, the blooms must have smelt fantastic.