Thursday, July 5, 2018

How June Flew By

June was the craziest month!  

School got out at the end of May and I finally had time to finish projects that were hanging out there for what seemed forever.  One was a Hitchhiker scarf, which I worked slowly on when my other project just took too much brain power.  I made it with two skeins of Manos del Uruguay Serena which is so lovely.

My brain power project was this little fair isle cardigan in a size 2-4.  This was my first foray into a fair isle sweater and I wanted to use it as a learning project, so I made the child sized.  This was my first ever steek and first integrated pockets and first a lot of other things.  In the end, I am really pleased with it.  I love the cuteness child sweaters! 

My son works with dogs and part of what he does is rehabilitate pitbull breeds.  These are sorry little dogs left in dumpsters or wandering the highways, full of mange or half-starved.  He had a particularly problematic one called Keno that he was keeping along with his other dog and his girlfriend's dog.  He also has a constant revolving group of boarders he keeps. So, he has a lot of dogs. 

The trouble was that Keno does not get along with other dogs, so he was having to spend a lot of time shut up in his crate. I volunteered to take him for the summer since I would be off and could rotate him around my other elderly--(read--most often sleeping)--dog.

So Keno came to stay, and I don't know if he will really be just a visitor or if I will keep him.  He is such a dear.

Along with this, I taught summer school half days for three and a half weeks.  This was a four hour class where each hour carried what was covered in a day during the normal year.  15 days=15 weeks. So--even though it was a half day in the classroom--the planning was intense.

I loved the kids--all English language learners.  On the days when their country was playing the World Cup, they were pretty much not focused, but who could blame them?

Then--and most emotional of all--I put my house up for sale.  My dear little house that I have lived in for 30 years.  !!  But now that my kids are grown and do not need the "all star school system," I am free to escape the tax burden and move on.  It is my next adventure.

I am hoping someone will come here to live and love this house and maybe expand it, but not tear it down.  I have worked to keep it ship-shape because I thought I would retire here, but I now see that that is not going to be the case.  I mourned a little at first, but now I am excited to be moving forward.


  1. Love your back yard with those gorgeous plants and flowers!
    Good luck with selling your house. I hope you will still be in Georgia!
    You are a wonderful knitter!
    And keep the dog, you know you want to. xx

  2. Keno is very lucky to have you. Your son sounds quite amazing working with the dogs. I am so sorry about your house. We need to downsize and will do so after my oldest moves out for good. Still I have to worry about the right schools for Little Buddy which will make a big difference where we end up.

  3. A new neighborhood to watch - who knows what you may see? Good luck with the selling and moving process.

    Keno looks very loveable.

    Great job on the sweater! The little pockets look perfect, and the button bands are nice and smooth. I hope the steeking wasn't too scary. :)