Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Fusco Brothers

Two bachelor men live in the blue house in the background of this picture.  I believe they have lived there most of their lives.  Perhaps they were raised there.  When their mother passed away (before my time), they continued to live in the house.  I don't know much about them because they keep to themselves and only come outside to get in their cars and go somewhere.  Once in awhile one brother will wash his car (wearing full car washing gear--rubber apron, long rubber gloves, and rubber boots).
On New Year's Eve the car washing one will come out on his porch at midnight and stand in front of the door with his arms crossed.  I used to think he was frowning at us for being so noisy with our fireworks, which were, until recently, illegal.  Now, however, I have come to believe that he is celebrating with us. Why else would he stay up until midnight?  Why else come out of the house at all?  It seems each year, that at the stroke of midnight, one must do something, so he perhaps, comes out and watches our small explosives and listens (as I do) to the larger booms echoing out from other parts of the city.  I realize that his presence, just coming out on his porch and standing there, is a tradition in itself.  He always comes out, I always feel a little paranoid, and that is New Year's Eve.  If he didn't come out, it wouldn't be the same.  I'd miss him.

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