Monday, October 1, 2012


Even though it wasn't yet October, down at The Brickstore Pub this Saturday they were celebrating Octoberfest.  Here and there were people in various renditions of lederhosen or whatever struck them as remotely alpine.  The servers were running crazy that day, but something tells me this young tatted miss was pulling in some good tips.

Notice the art on the wall at her right.  This was a display of skateboard art in anticipation of an auction.
The auction happens at SkaterAid, a skater benefit for the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children in honor of a youth in the community who died of brain cancer about six years ago.

Everyone pays admission.  The local skate company hauls out their ramps and runs contests.  The prizes and give-aways aren't as plentiful as they have been in the past, but the event is more popular than ever.
 The event is always accompanied by teenager bands.  Some better than others.  The first year, the band members were kids who were friends of the boy who died.  But for these kids, that was probably a little more than half their life-time ago.  They carry on the tradition with pride.
Then there is the real money maker--the auction.  Local artists, or anyone who wants to, can paint (or sculpt) a board.  The proceeds all go to support BTFC.
I like the bottom one here.  It is stencil art, a favorite of mine.

The "cycloctipi" was a real favorite this year.

 Last year, I made two bids and was out bid on both.  This year, I bid on three boards and no one out bid me on any of them.  So, I ended up with all three!  Not what I planned really, but they were not super popular ones, so weren't very pricey.  I think the highest price I saw at this year's auction was $1500.  Last year I saw a few that went even higher than that!  The boards are usually hung outside, but this year rain threatened and delivered.
Here are some of the interesting people hanging around in the rain.

It takes a certain amount of confidence for a guy to wear a pink belt, don't you think?

Something about this girl reminded me of myself back in the day.  I think that's how a lot of the parents feel at this event.

 Even for a rain-out, I think it all went on pretty well.


  1. Looks like a fun time. I have never been to an Octoberfest but it is my kind of fun. It also happens to be my birthday month so I would love to kick back some beers.
    So fun that you won 3 boards! Do you skate? I think they would make some interesting pieces of art in your home. That is a great conversation piece.
    Great pictures!

    1. Hahaha! No way do I skate. My oldest son is a skater though. I put the skateboards up in my classroom at school. The kids love 'em.

  2. A very worthy cause. And some gorgeous art too!

    Love the photo of the pink-belted dude. He looked very confident and rather aware of himself. :)

    1. I noticed later that he was in that teen band photo too. Naturally, eh?