Monday, December 31, 2012

Make Way for the New Year

Check out this pile of explosives!!  We picked them up from just across the state line night before last.

 We've all been speculating about this one.  Will he spit fire?  Will his eyes pop out or glow?  My bet is that he gets a fiery crown.  (The fuse is on his head, after all).

 I hope Fusco enjoys these and doesn't mind.  One of them alone is supposed to have 25 blasts!

Meanwhile, we are enjoying the sun and dancing around the living room to these hot tunes . . .
Tomorrow we'll eat New Year's good luck foods--collard greens, ham, and black eyed peas (Southern tradition) and lox and eggs and onions (Jewish tradition).  These foods do not make appetizing pictures.  In fact, they took me awhile to even acquire a taste for.  To be perfectly honest, I am not sure I can really eat more than a smidge of lox, eggs, and onions.
Happy New Year!


  1. Just found your lovely blog, happy new year to you, hope 2013 started with a bang for you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I may not always reply, but I do read and enjoy the comments and getting to know people.

  2. Oh my what a load of BOOM you got there.
    We did sparklers and snaps. Not very big but the kids liked it enough.
    Mmmm those foods sound delish. I am trying to get used to southern food but its not so hard. My husband is jewish so I know all about the lox and onions.
    Have a great new year southern friend... here's to many adventures in 13!

    1. Yes, my husband is the Jewish one too. He's also the fireworks instigator.
      And what a night for explosions it was! Happily the little kids next door (3 years and 6 years), came out and danced and hopped and screamed with delight.