Sunday, April 7, 2013

Doughnuts and Dooley

     Spring seems finally to have actually arrived!  Lots of people were driving around with their car windows down and music on.  My son and his friend thought they needed a ride downtown, so we headed out, only to discover (not to my surprise) that teenager communication is not always to be relied upon.  The convention they were supposed to meet some friends at was actually taking place not in downtown ATL, but in some far flung suburb.  They decided not to go, so we made the best of it, by whisking through the drive-through at the doughnut place and then rambling over to a street with a big hill known as "devil's dive."  No pictures of the actual dive here though, as I needed both hands on the wheel and a foot near the brake because there is a (disappointingly anti-climactic) stop sign at the bottom of the dive.
  Inside you can watch doughnuts frying by the hundreds and moving along on conveyors to cool.  If you stop when the light is on (It flashes "HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW"), you get the deliciously squishy ones right out of the hot oil and sticky glaze.  Mmmm!
Hot doughnuts and teen arm graffiti
On the way to Devil's Dive,  I had to stop and take a picture of this sign.  !  I am sure it is the Cartoon Network sign for something on one of their Adult Swim programs.  I may not be hip enough to understand it, but it got my attention, that's for sure.

And then there was this enormous banner which I had to back up, circle around and get a picture of.  It is for something called Dooley Week at Emory University.  I'm not sure what that's all about either, but it's an attention getter as well, eh?


  1. Aaaaaaargh - I think I'd have run away screaming if I'd seen either of those banners. Fascinating stuff! Jane x

  2. That billboard is hilarious! Sometimes I think those attention getters are a safety hazard because they are so distracting to drivers.

    You take lovely photos!