Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some Old School Blogging

Okay--Today I am playing along with the Old School Blogging invite from Alma.

So, here are my answers to the 6 questions:

1. How did you meet your husband?   I had bought an advance ticket to see the band Idlewild, but the night I showed up Roddy Woomble, the singer, had a sore throat so there was a little clapboard on the sidewalk outside the venue saying they had cancelled, but the other band, The French Kicks, were still playing.  As I lingered there on the sidewalk, thinking about should I just go home, a tall skinny guy in a black leather jacket started talking to me about the band, trying to convince me to go in.  He was really sweet.  He said, "It'll be fun.  I'll buy you a beer."
So, I thought, why not?  And I went on in with him only to find out he worked there, had booked the band, etc.
I used to see him every time I went to that venue and he was always so nice.  After about a year, I realized I was going to see bands I wasn't even all that interested in just so I could see him.

2. What are the most surprising things about married life?   I suppose it is just the long ribbon of it, the way the two of us are always getting to know each other, the way we make the story of our life together from one day to the next.

3. How did you find out you were pregnant the first time?   I had wanted a baby for awhile, but was pretty much tired of trying when I realized it had finally actually happened.  It was not a time of  rejoicing by then, but a time of great disequilibrium.  I took a pregnancy test alone in my bathroom and broke into tears.  Despite this rough start, having my son was the most wonderful thing I ever experienced in my life.  The moment they put his little just born self in my arms, I felt my heart swell with a kind of love I had never known existed before.

4. How did you choose your baby's first name?  My son was born in Italy, and Italians thought he should have an Italian name. These all sounded silly to me though, especially as he had his father's German last name.  In the end, we chose a super American cowboy name.  (In fact, both of my sons have cowboy names.)

5. Describe yourself 10 years from now.  I will probably be an excellent gardener and have a lovely yard because by then I will have finally figured out how to grow plants.  I hope I will be writing and traveling.  However, I really think it is impossible to know because life seems to shift so very much for me every seven years or so in ways that have been totally unforeseeable, except in a reverse sort of way.

6. Describe how you find bliss either by using words or images.  I find bliss in the small piazza's of Italy, in the wide and unpopulated expanses of the American West, and when I am laughing and hanging out with my boys.  I also experience a kind of bliss I suppose when I am not conscious of myself at all, but am in a sort of room-of-my-own creative headspace.

So--there you go--Old School Blogging from Alma and Greta at #IPPPP.
I don't know that I have five followers who even read here regularly, but any that do are definitely invited to play along.


  1. I read your blog regularly! ( just don't comment much!). I love all your stories, you make where you live sound fascinating, and i love how you met your husband!
    So hello from a drizzly melbourne today, Julie x

    1. Thanks! I read your blog regularly too--and also hardly ever comment!

  2. A little late in commenting... but you know I always get around to it.
    I love the story of how you met your hubby . Its so sweet.
    I almost teared yo with the story of how you found out you were pregnant. Pulling at my heart strings there.
    I was so happy that you participated in this. Made me smile :)
    Its a bit weird for me writing about personal stuff I dont usually do. But it was a nice break and a good exercise.
    I was kind of in a blogging dry spell.... still trying to get out it.
    I love coming here and reading your stories. I will be keeping up with it more.
    I'm rambling... good night!

    1. You are not late in commenting at all! I just put this up the same night. I have been too busy to blog much lately, though I catch myself reading blogs when I really should be doing other things.
      I know exactly what you mean about sharing personal things. I really had to hesitate before I wrote any of this.

  3. It's so fun to get a deeper peek into the lives of our blogging friends.... I really like your answer to #2.

    Those flower buds in the top photo look almost alien-like - as though something surprising and possibly alarming might burst out at any moment. (That is the comment of someone who has watched too many movies.) :)

    1. They do look alien (sort of "Day of the Triffids")--or obscene! But maybe that's what I get from a spending my days with teenagers.